I’m Leigh - Owner of Tomato Monster.
I am a tomato addict and raiser of tomato baby seedlings for my hometown of Cleveland.


I became obsessed with all of the varieties, colors, and flavors of heirlooms.  I noticed a continued interest in people who want to know where their food comes from and decided I had to share them with you.  


Tomato Monster focuses on expanding your tomato palette. I want you to try one you’ve never had before!  Learn to love a yellow tomato, or stare in awe of a striped tomato changing colors.


In the warmer weather that Cleveland allows you'll find my dogs, Rocky and Addi, by my side in the garden.  I am tending to growing and raising heirlooms, Addi is digging holes in the dirt, and Rocky is sneaking peppers off of the vine.


 This year we have expanded our greenhouse to twice the size so that we're able to keep up with demand for more and new tasty tomatoes.  We hope to help open up your mind to these other-worldly varieties and fill your bellies with our little monsters =]

organizations we support

We love to support local non-profits! 

Every year we donate $1, from each plant sold, to Cleveland-area charities that we believe in.  So when you’re growing your own garden, you’re also helping your community grow. 

In the past we’ve been able to make donations to Berea ARF, The Cleveland Seed Bank, SWUU Church, Ben Franklin Community Garden, and plan to lend a hand to many more.









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