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I’m Leigh - Owner of Tomato Monster.
I am a tomato addict and raiser of tomato baby seedlings for my hometown of Cleveland.


I became obsessed with all of the varieties, colors, and flavors of heirlooms.  I noticed a continued interest in people who want to know where their food comes from and decided I had to share them with you.  


Tomato Monster focuses on expanding your tomato palette. I want you to try one you’ve never had before, enjoy the process of growing your own food, and appreciate the quiet times in the garden.


 You may have had the chance to meet my partner, Adem. He was a self-proclaimed tomato hater until he tried home grown heirlooms. You'll now see him ecstatically talking tomatoes at sales and enjoying soaking the soil in the greenhouse on hot days. 

On warmer Cleveland days, you'll find our dogs, Rocky and Addi, by our side in the garden. Addi is digging holes in the dirt, and Rocky is sneaking peppers off of the vine.

We hope to help open up your mind to these other-worldly varieties and fill your bellies with our little monsters =]


organizations we support

We love to support local non-profits! 

Every year we donate 15% of our profits to Cleveland-area charities that we believe in.  So when you’re growing your own garden, you’re also helping your community grow. 

In the past we’ve been able to make donations to The Cleveland Seed Bank, Ben Franklin Community Garden, The Refugee Response, Old Brooklyn Community Development, Food Strong, and plan to lend a hand to many more.









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As you know, plants will be plants.  Sometimes, a certain variety may never fruit normally. This can be for reasons that are plentiful and can be hard to pinpoint.  As your monsters grow you may reach out to us (the earlier the better) with any questions you have about your plants and we'll see if we can diagnose any problems it may have.

We, too, make mistakes!  We run a small business with a lot of plants.  Every so often we, or one of our volunteers, can accidentally mix up seeds or plants.  At the end of the day, we take full responsibility for this!  If you've got the wrong one just reach out, as soon as you know, and we can come up with a solution.  We can offer you a refund, extra plants next year, or sometimes replacements.  We want you and your garden to be as happy as ours =]

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