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Picking your plants among a large selection can be tough; That's why we grow A LOT.

Monster Selects was created to guide you towards our favorite variety of each category!

AUNT RUBY'S GREEN is a green-when-ripe
 beefsteak tomato that is often overlooked.
  It's flavor is fruity & sweet to an intensity  that red beefsteaks, simply, cannot match.


NAPA ROSE will continue to grow even in
hot & cool temperatures.  when these cherry tomatoes are ready, you can expect a perfect balance of acidity and sweetness in the handfuls.


DAGMA'S PERFECTION can size up with   some of the beefsteaks, and its slices will
inly cater to any sandwich.
 it's time for its tropical tones & hints of     lime
when they ripen with a marble of pink.


MICHAEL POLLAN is a well known author and journalist, and that's exactly where this adorable saladette gets its name.  medium in size, it boasts beautiful streaks of green with a reminiscent taste of oak.


SHEBOYGAN covers the bases. We're drawn
 to the poised flavor that this paste tomato   offers, and yet it still holds its composure   when eaten straight from the garden. not all paste tomatoes are created equal!


SUMMER SUNRISE will be a bargain for any small space grower.  as a potato-leaf dwarf variety, it provides full size, delicious fruits from a shorter and sturdy plant.  great for pots and gardens alike, and be prepared to enjoy its resiliency. 

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